Proud wife of a soldier/FDNY. Mama of two. Swimmer, runner, Triathlete and Spartan Chick. 

How do I get here?

I started swimming at a very young age in the Dominican Republic. I was part of the national team couple of times. Swimming was all I know till I migrated to NYC with my parents. NYC was not what I really expected, I arrived a cold winter day in 2000 with what I was wearing, no coat, just a wind breaker, no luggage and without speaking the language.

I swam for two more years and was able to entered the nationals as well, but I was starting college and swimming was not a priority.

fast forward time, I got married, got a job, bought a house and my time was consume at my job till we have our first son Thomas. I was not longer happy with being the boss and away from my family for weeks at the time. I started to “run” at my lunch time as a way to work out my frustrations. Work was not longer my priority and I felt like I needed to be a mom, so a year after my son was born, I left my job to be a mom and a wife.

My husband was always the runner, so I always attended his races and cheer him up, till it click and I decided that “hey! why not me” so in 2012 I sign up for a half marathon and since then, I have falling in love with the peace I get when I go for a run. I have completed 8 half marathon and in 2015 I completed my first full marathon (NYC).

That’s just running, how do I incorporated swim and bike to the combo?

Well, I am not estranger to triathlon since my brother has been in the sport for over 12 years and competed as an Elite. After having my second child in early 2013 I was looking for “something to do” ( like I didn’t have enough on my plate) so I sign up for an Aguathlon, 2 miles swimming and 6 running. I had this thought in my head that may be adding a bike won’t be such as bad idea. I really wanted to do NYC triathlon but knew it would be hard to get in, so I contacted the Semper Fi Fund and sign up for my first olympic triathlon, NYC triathlon in August 2014.  Before that I completed a local  spring triathlon and since then I have fallen in love with a sport that is literally kicking my rear end. And once again I thought it would “fun” to sign up for an Iron Man in August 2016. “Fun” is the word I’ll use when I think it is time to challenge myself.

I created this blog, because I don’t have much experience, because I don’t have a coach that will tell me what to do guide the right way and probably very little time to train. I do belong to a triathlon club, the problem is that they train in Brookly at 5am and for me to get there is required my alarm to be set up 4am and some mornings are just not possible. I know there are many moms just like m, that want to run or may be do triathlons, So I’ll take you on this long ride so we can learn together on how to tri.


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson




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