Today I didn’t line up at the start line.

Today was suppose to be the day that I line up for the New Jersey Marathon but I didn’t. Today was supposed to be the day that I crush this run and BQ for 2019 but I didn’t.

Today I wake up and it really sink in that I was not running that marathon that I have sign up twice and I haven’t been able to run it, twice due to getting myself injure while trying to accomplish an specific time. 3:35 is what I am chasing to qualify for Boston marathon. But I am also mad, mad at myself because I know what I did wrong, where did it all went to shit. All the hard work and all the miles that were log in, to end up not running. To end up hurt.

Where did it go wrong?

when I decided to ramp up my mileages too quick and too soon because I felt that I was taking it too easy. When instead of resting and taking easy after New York City half, I kept up the usual miles and proper resting was not near insight. I hurt my Hip Flexor for over using it and not properly stretching (rookie mistake). For cutting corners and just being stupid. So theres no one to blame but me on this one and that makes me even more mad. But I have give myself a pity party for too long and now I have to start from zero. Pt and meds (and you know how much I hate putting that shit in my body) for as log as I need it. Resting and lots and lots of stretching, rolling and strength training is on the menu for a long time.

I can’t stop now, I have to keep going and as Des Linden says “keep showing up” keep striving for that goal, for that dream of 3:35. Trust the the training and listen to your body. but more importantly… listen to you damn body

New Jersey Marathon starting line

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