New York City Half Marathon

It has been a while since my last post and I feel like it is time to dust off my blog and start sharing some more of what’s going on while I try to juggle the struggle of trying to train for marathons and triathlons while in a completely different town, new job and not many friends. The winter has been a bit crazy up here with a lot of snow and the very cold. I feel that when I lived in the city, it was so easy to lace up few hours after a snow storm because people will clean their side walks, up here, there is not too many sidewalks and my only option is the main road…. which it is not bad comparing with the main roads in Staten Island. They are not that busy here and they do an excellent job cleaning them. But lets talk about NYC Half.

If you remember, I got the spot for NYC half last year but a week before race day, I got a stress fracture on my left food that bench me for 6 weeks and of course, taking me out of  a half that I had been trying to get for 4 years. I was quiet disappointed but I moved on. After that I ran Brooklyn Half and PR with very little training but it was painful!

Race day

Wake up time was 4am but I was lucky enough that my husband was home and drove me to the start (he works in Brooklyn so it was a win win) I was able to fuel without rushing, think about the race day plan and enjoy the ride. Race day morning was cold, 27 degrees cold at the start with a wind chill of 19 degrees. I don’t like cold and I get pretty miserable when I am cold but no time to complains, it was time for redemption.

This year was a new route that started Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park in Brooklyn and finishes after several miles run within Central Park. When the tone went off for my corral, my legs were going so fast that I have to tell myself to slow down, that I have 13.1 miles to run but Flashbush avenue  was full of energy and a lot of spectator. My feet were so cold that every stride for the first 5 miles felt like I was not hitting the pavement and then when I started to feel my feet…. it hurt!!!!

There is not spectators allow on the bridge (for security reasons) so this was the time to get into a rhythm and to take a deep breath. I didn’t know what to expect after crossing the bridge but once again, it didn’t disappoint. Lots of people and music that help you carry you through those miles and fill you with so much energy. The FDR was less spectator friendly and very windy, another couple of miles to think and fall into a good pace.  42st was so windy, like you were on a wind tunnel, one of those wind that takes you breath away but it went fast and it was time to turn into 7th Avenue and into the park. It is so exciting! it is like NYC Marathon all over again but going the opposite direction, which it is not good. If you are a runner or triathlete in NYC, you know or have heard about the Harlem hills and know that the park can get pretty hilly. The last 3 miles were in the park and for lots of people, it was a struggle. For me… well it was a struggle but I couldn’t contain my excitement. Legs were still feeling strong and I was ready to finish. I ran this race pretty much on feeling because after crossing the Manhattan bridge my Garmin was not giving me the right pace or mileages so I went by feeling.

The finish

After I cross the finish line I wasn’t sure about my time but I knew I did ok. My husband who’s always tracking me, texted me with my time 0f 1:43, which it is a PR of 3 minutes for me. I was super exciting about it and so happy because my legs felt so good still. I felt like I still have some gas left in the tank and could have run few more miles 🙂 but it was almost a mile to get out of the park into the family/friends waiting area, Once again like NYC marathon, where the exit is so long that you think you will never get out of the darn park.

Overall, it was great day and the NYRR did an excellent job organizing this race and keeping us safe with NYPD everywhere, in every corner. Lots of water stations and plenty of emergency tents.

I Met my awesome friend Sarah in Brooklyn, got brunch (because it was still morning by the time I have finish) then we went shopping (she knows how to make me happy. food and shopping!!! 🙂

I love racing… The training put my strength and organization skills to the test but at the end of the day I go out and I give my best because I am not racing anyone but me and the goal here is to always to enjoy the journey and do a little better than the last race.





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