Lake Placid 70.3 Race Report

I signed up for Lake Placid 70.3 right after completing Timberman because I was disappointed of my performance, yes! disappointed on finishing my first half ironman. (if you want to know the full story read my Timberman report) and because I want to do Lake Placid full in 2018.

The back story.

I wanted to do much better, I thought I could do much better so I plan Lake Placid a whole year ahead. I book hotel for me and my family, thinking that we can use this as a weekend gateway. I train… hard. I put the miles and the time BUT we were in the process of buying a house. I  was very stress because all I wanted was to be move and settle before my kids start school. I didn’t want to move in hurry or having them start in their former school to have them switch few weeks or months later. We had a house that fell through in the beginning of July and that place us back to square one.

We were not moving in the same neighborhood, we were moving 90 miles away from our current neighborhood, so finding time to look at houses and train and juggle the boys in late July early August, came to an near impossible task. When we finally found “the house”, there was mistakes and more mistakes made in the process by the bank and that once again put us behind schedule. With a house packed and no place to move. School started and I have to move with my oldest to a hotel so he doesn’t miss the first week of school. My husband needed to go away with the military and moving day was Thursday, not only that but Lake Placid was that weekend too.

Moved in a hurry on Thursday, throw every into the house and we left. I drove to Lake Placid… by myself and my husband flew to Atlanta. My much plan weekend for months  with my family was now a solo trip and with a terrible back pain due to all the lifting I had to do. I thought few Advil will do the job but I was wrong.. so wrong.

Race day

37 degrees to start. The water was at 62 and I had already check out. My mind had giving up on me before the race started. I was cold and I was in pain.

The Swim

It was a very slow start. I couldn’t feel my face for the first few 100’s yards. I was able to catch a rhythm  to the finish but the floor was so cold that my feet were nome by the time I got to transition. In transition I tried my best to dry as much as possible. I put on extra pants and wind breaker and I went on.

The bike

This was were my mind really check out. The first 25 or so miles were more down hills. I could’t feel my toes or my fingers. I was so sold and uncomfortable that I didn’t know what to do. The back pain was so intense that felt like I was having contractions. My shoulders were going nome and by mile 40 I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to dismount my bike and wait for the crew to pick me up. I cried, I couldn’t believe I was giving up, I couldn’t believe I have nothing else to give. I couldn’t believe I am trowing all this months of training in the garbage. While I sat on the floor all I could think  was  “what am I supposed to tell my boys” that I gave up? that I couldn’t do it? I honestly do it for me. This triathlon and running madness is for me BUT I know they are ALWAYS watching. They are very proud of me all times I run a marathon or do a triathlon and while I was sobbing, I remember Thomas playing Roar by Katy Perry (that’s his favorite song) so I got up and got up my bike and continue the 16 miles up hill till town. I don’t know how I made it but I did. In transition I stretch, took two Advil and went on my run.

The run

With the bike behind, I knew the run was hilly but for some reason I didn’t care, all care was on finishing and not walking. I made a point on NOT walking so I ran the whole 13.1 miles specially the hills. I found a girls name Heather, I was starting to walk and she says “you just flew by me, this is not the time to walk” and then we ran together for a good 4 miles and it was great. We chat and talk about how much we suck on the bike, how beautiful the tow was and holy hills! We got separated when I stop drink and eat something salty. I wish I could have found her at the finish line. She was a great running partner and great motivation. I PR my by a good 20 min and mostly because of Heather.

At the end of the race, I felt accomplished because I finished but once again disappointed on my performance. I was able to celebrate my finish with new amazing triathlete friends and a whole lot of experience to tell my boys.

I really would love to do full Ironman and the goal was for 2018 but I have come to terms that I need to focus on training smart and that include the swim which I have always neglected because ” I am a swimmer” and spend much need it time on the bike. I have NYC Marathon in November and after that the only race I have is NJ full in late April. I won’t be signing up my any races in November as I usually plan my year ahead. It will be hard but I believe it is the right thing to do. I think 2018 will a year to “rest’ and learn.


Till next report and don’t forget to keep tri-ing