My 4th NYC Triathlon on the books!

New York City Triathlon is one of personal favorite course and the weather did not disappoint. Beautiful day in NYC for a triathlon.

Racing this race is a big headache because you have to pick up packet in the city and you have a mandatory bike drop off on Saturday and between that getting yourself race ready, your whole weekend is gone. But let start, shall we?!

3 am wake up call. Usually the night before a big race is really hard to sleep. Thinking on race ritual and hoping you don’t sleep through your alarm. I went to bed at 9pm but wake up at 1:50 and unable to actually fall back to sleep. I was able to get everything done in 30 minutes without waking anyone, it is usually impossible because I believe my kids can hear my eyes when the open.

Nutrition is a big part of any race and I have yet to nail it so I pay special attention to my breakfast on race day, which I am the worse breakfast eater. Oatmeal, banana and Ucan nutrition shake.

After circling the area for parking for a good 30 minutes and really thinking that I was not going to make it in time into transition, I just park in a corner and pray that I didn’t get a ticket because I din’t read any sign.

The Swim:

Set up transition and walked the mile and half to the swim start where I started to meet my team mates and it started to feel real. When the swim starts, it goes by really quick and in no time I was in the water going with the current. I decided to use the wetsuit because of the water in the Hudson it is usually nasty and smelly. It was a good swim till I catch up with two groups that had jump before me. I slow down a bit because I was couple of swimmers grabbing to the lifeguards and I got worried, but power through and finished swim strong. Faster swim in this event yet 15:02 course PR.

T1 was actually fast, was out in 2 minutes.

The Bike:

Because I have done this ride 3 times before, I know about the huge incline before getting to the highway and I know that it is better to just take it easy till you are on a open highway. I also know that the course is hilly as hell and that the thing I will hear the must will be “on your left” which I didn’t and that make pretty happy. I don’t push myself enough on the bike but in the end I was able to PR the course by 5 minutes and feeling leg ready for the run. Finished with a time of 1:33.22 PR as well.

T2- 1:32

The Run:

Loooove this run. You have so many people cheering till the finish line that you forget for a minute that you have to run the Harlem’s hill and all the hills that Central Park has to offer. I like to cheer for those I passed on my way because I know running 6 miles after 25 miles bike ride is not easy and I also know that for many, this will be their first triathlon. It was such beautiful day in NYC for once. They have cut the run the last two years because of dangerous heat and being able to complete it without overheating or shoveling ice in my hat or shirt… felt good. Finished with a time of 50:25 a PR and with a big smile on my face.

Overall it was a good day for raising and even though I love the feeling of crossing the finish line, it is time to take a break on racing and focus on the training for Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 coming in September.

Love the feeling of crossing the finis line


Don’t be afraid to Try!


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