Staten Island Flat as a Pancake Tri

The Flat as a Pancake Triathlon is held right in my backyard (not really lol) but it is in Staten Island, my hometown. This was my first triathlon back in 2014 when I was training for my first Olympic (NYC) and when I have no idea what I was getting myself into and since then I do it every year.

Although it is a small triathlon, it very competitive with our club. I like it because it has set the tone of my season since 2014. Every year I get better and stronger and more knowledgeable. I also get to see my boys at the finish line and that makes this mama so happy because this is the only one they get to go.

All that being say, I feel like this year was different. I have about 80 teammates and I still somehow felt alone. My family didn’t made it to see me finish as they have done in the past years.  So I did my job and took off home before the whole thing was over.

The swim: 

This year I used my wetsuit which I end up ripping it off by the velcro and it needs to be fix. It rain for couple of days before the race and temperature where not warm.  We were expecting rain during the race as well. It didn’t rain but it was overcast. I usually neglect the swim because I am a OK swimmer. I swam about 3 times before race day and have not done one OWS since last August. Good swim 8 minutes.


Got a bit disoriented and couldn’t find my bike. 2:34

The Bike:

It was ok….It is completely flat course with 3 loops.  was hoping to do better although I PR on the course. I have this thing in my head that I need to “save” anergy for the run and in the end I regret not giving more power. Time 40:16

In the zone


Not sure why it felt like I was in transition forever. 2:22 ( May be I should practice transition some day)

The run:

This year the run course was slightly change. Must of it was on the boardwalk. I hate running on the boardwalk, I felt dizzy and off beat and by then it was already very humid. Time 23:40

Looking happy almost at the finish line.

Total time was 1:16.55 PR for me and 5th on my age group.

An Aguathlon coming up in July 8th follow by NYC triathlon on July 16th. Report to follow.

Don’t be afraid to Tri!