Marathon training take 2!

Last year at the end of my season I had decided to run two marathon in search of qualifying for Boston 2018 and to use it as training to complete a full Ironman (140.6) so I went on sign up for Novo Nordisk New Jersey, which is held in the town of Long Branch, New Jersey. It is local and It is early in the season, giving me time in case I don’t qualified in this one, I will be able to try again in the fall.

If you have been following me, you know that I ran NYC in 2015 while my husband was deployed and it was a not so great race due to the lack of training time. I ran the last 12 miles with a dislocated knee and although I finished, I was quiet disappointed that I couldn’t finish they way I wanted. So I got injured and that bench me for about two months of zero running/swimming or biking and tons of physical therapy. Very frustrating right?! so I made a point that will be smarter this time around.

Fast forward to 2017 and already with a full race calendar in place, including United Airlines Half, which it has been one of my bucket list race. I have been putting for it for the past 3 years and finally in 2017, I got it in!! (it is a lottery race)

since I wanted to run smart, strong and injury free, I got a training plan. Got advice from running coach and did pretty much was I was supposed to do. But last Sunday while running my long mile, I started to feel some discomfort on my left foot so decided not to push it. It was a very cold and windy morning and I was struggling to hit my pace and I was ok with it.

When I got home soak myself on a warm bath with epson salt, eucalyptus and lavender.  Got dress for a birthday party and went on my day as usual. When I wake up next day, I could not walk. My foot was a bit swollen and bruised. The first words out my mouth were what the fuck! took my kids to school and realized that I was in trouble.

At the doctor office while she was talking and explaining where the fractures were, the tears just starting pouring out. I couldn’t believe that my body was betraying me. That she was giving up on me, after so much hard work already done. What did I do wrong? where did it go all wrong? All this emotions starting to flow and I left the doctor’s office feeling helpless.

I have schedule an MRI to see the extent of the damage but as right now I am bench till further notice. I will be watching the New York City Half from my couch and most likely New Jersey won’t happen. I am hopping to be able to swim and bike while my foot heal but still waiting for doctor’s orders.

My spirit is broken and my faith is being tested but I this point all I can do is let it heal and resume training when possible.

My fashionable boot! 


Till next time,