Summer Recap… Triathlons


The summer has been really fun and excited. I am sorry I have been M.I.A but life got really busy and and I was unable to keep up. But let’s start with some races recap, shall we?!


Flat as a Pancake Triathlon (Sprint)- Staten Island, NY

Best joy ever! My boys.

As I have mention in my preview post, Flat as a pancake is a very fun race, right on my backyard. It is a very popular race within the club so I knew I was not making podium BUT I was 5th on my age group which is great accomplishment. The course is really flat and since it is a spring tri, we were done by 10am.

After every triathlon, I complain about my wetsuit, how much it restrict my shoulders and how tired I get. I feel very heavy, which it is not normal for those that wear a wetsuit. Must  people wear a wetsuit to help them shed some time and float but I feel, that in my case it does not help me. Because It was still early in the year and I do not like the cold so I gave my  a go and swam with it. Same feeling and no really happy. Time 8:21

I have been working on my bike since it is my weakness of all three sports and my time improve considerably. Since I got my bike fit by the awesome people at ACME, I ride more often and do longer rides and I don’t have the hate relationship with my bike anymore. I am more comfortable and confident. Time: 40:46

I believe I have a good run. Running is the sport that I do more often and longer so when the run comes, I am confident that I can pass some of the awesome ladies that pass me on bike. Time: 22:59 a 7:35 m/m.

I don’t get to take my kids to any of the races because I usually go solo, because the husband is most likely working and I can’t watch them while I do all this, but for this race, they were by the finish and at that moment, I could care less about my place. I was so happy that they got to watch their mama in action. Total time 1:16

New York City Triathlon (Olympic)- NY

For this one, the weekend always goes very crazy. There was an advisory because of the heat and since last year was unmanageable, the organizers got pro-active and decided to cut the run from 6.2 miles to 5.1 miles. There was too much going on during this weekend so I slept the volunteer part to guarantee a spot for next year. I almost missed the mandatory bike drop off and by the time I went to be, it was past midnight.

3:00 am wake up call and as I always I was ready to go. Although this is not the race to try to swim without a wetsuit, I went without it. Great swim, felt super comfortable. Swim time 17:53

Crossing the finish line!

The bike: Since I was riding longer and this was my third NYC triathlon, I knew the route and how much incline I have to clime. I was having a great time and legs felt pretty good. time: 1:34
The run: I think because I had my mind set up that the run was shorter, I just ran, comfortable and fast. It was very hot and humid so I stop for water and ice to ensure I was not having trouble later on and getting dehydrate. But I think 2015 was worse. hotter and more humid. 43.17

Total time 1:45.45


Staten Island Triathlon(Spring)- Staten Island, NY

Once again, this one is right on my back yard. I don’t have wake up at 3am and it is cheap enough. I need it something before Timberman and I thought this one was the perfect short race to get me pump for the big day. this course is very similar to the Pancake race, the bike course is actually the same so I knew what I was getting myself into it.

The swim- Short and sweet, getting out the water second overall and first of all the women. time: 8:20

The bike was flat and quick. I just kept hearing people passing me but it really didn’t bother me so I just kept going. Time: 40:58

The run was hot but my legs felt very good and I was determine to pass some of the ladies that pass me on the bike. time: 23:55

My time was better a bit better than the pancake and I definitely felt much better in this one. Total time was 1:15:48

1st place on my age group!!












I have a lot work to do to get ready for Timberman and I know time is not there but I have to make it work some how. Next post will be for Timberman recap. See you then 🙂


Till next one,


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