Training while on vacation:

As a mommy of two little firecracker (boys) I am always on the move and since I spend about a year joggling their activities, school, household stuff and you know.. Mommy life and training pretty much on my own, it was time for a much deserved vacation without my boys. 

I usually go on vacation and I ALWAYS plan to incorporate some of the training. Usually run or swim if we go international and bike and run if we are in the states and vacation is driving distance such as Myrtle beach, SC. Because I’m lucky that my husband understand my craziness so I take my road bike.  

This time around we went to Mexico without the kids and when I was booking the first thing that call my attention about this resort was the state of the art gym. Good roads in the resort safe enough for me to run for few miles and a lap pool. Bingo!!

The resort offer spin classes, which make me love this place even more since I couldn’t take my bike to Mexico, spinning was a good alternative. They also offer yoga and Pilates classes. All those things that I do at home and would helps me keep training going and healthy. It also offer a great spa that I utilize everyday while there. 

I’m used to get up early so it was not hard for me to be up and moving by 6:30 local time or 7:30 NY time. I work out in the morning till about 11 then the spa and the rest of the day was to enjoy what the vacation has to offer. 

I was well rested every morning and the best thing was that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on training nor not enjoying my well deserve vacation. 

Everything is a balance and sometimes getting things done require discipline. I try not to make my vacation a training camp but since I need to turn up my training just a notch, and no harm was done. We still enjoyed our vacation and I got some training done so I was a happy camper. 

Prioritize what’s important. Till August my priority is my training. 

Cheers from Mexico, 


Linette 🙂


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