Paleo, the 30 days challenge is over.

You have hear me talk about the paleo diet for a whole 30 days. On how the diet can be good and bad and a bit in between.

I believe we all want that athlete’s body that we see in magazines and billboards. Or our friends at the gym or fellows runners and triathletes. (new post on the “right” athletic body is coming up).

The reason I followed the diet was to try it on. Also because I want the “athlete’s body” and I felt like I work out enough to have a six pack (or that’s what I thought) but I don’t, I don’t have a six pack and my mid section looks sad. Although I have two small kids, still not a reason to use as an excuse. And also because it has a lot of benefits, healths benefits.

I thought that by adjusting my diet and putting some extra core work out, it would help my cause. But not just I tone up my belly, I also learn so much about what goes into my body and the advantages of getting whole organic and plant base foods. I have been transitioning to organic for a while now and you can feel the deference when training or even you are not a triathlete or an athlete and just want to be more healthy.

What I really like about the diet is all the vegetable in take. I fuel in grill or boil veggies, nuts and fruits. I was also very caution about my water intake because although paleo doesn’t really allow you to drink sports sink due to its high sugars, I still had it for all The electrolytes that I need on my long runs and long rides.

Sugar was definitely something I thought I really didn’t consume much but doing the diet show me otherwise. In the beginning of the 30 days I was having massive headaches and craving sugars and carbs. I no longer drink my coffee with sugar or any other drink. I try to get must of sugars from fruits and raw, unfiltered honey, which has been great. With the bread and carbs, well I will be making adjustments but I will be incorporating back to my diet.

Process food is another big factor of why our body won’t shape the way we would like and with paleo you will notice that there is zero process food and it all good, organic non process food.

Paleo diet will be a good starting point for those that are looking to lose some weight and keep it off because and get lean and strong. It help you eliminates so much of the bad stuff in our foods such as sugars and process food. A good exercise plan and paleo diet and I believe you will hit your goal BUT you have to stick to it for more than a month… I know it’s not easy, especially the first week or so but totally worthy. I did for 30 days and although I won’t be sticking to it 100%, I will be making lots of changes in my diet. Give it a try 🙂

Till next time.



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