Five borough tour recap.

When I sign up for the five borough tour, it was mustily to get some miles in since I have never ride my bike longer than 2 1/2 hour and because I thought it will pretty cool to ride around New York City where you usually are not allow, like the FDR , the Gowanus and Verrazano bridge. 

I don’t ride often enough like must triathletes or cyclist do. I ride because I have to and I have a love-hate relationship with it because I’m not fast and I struggle. 

My other issue with my bike is the “I am afraid to fall” mentality and that pulls me back of trying to get faster and since it was raining, the thought of falling was on my mind for the whole 40 miles.  My mentality when I am on the bike is just so different than when I am running or swimming, I will leave everything in the water or the pavement. I will give my very best, but on the bike, just not the case.

I’m one of those athlete that always check for the weather. I don’t like cold and who want to be cold and wet at the same time??! Not this girl. So I new weather was not going to be on my side. I even thought on backing out all together but my husband thought it pretty silly not to do it just because it was going to rain… He was not doing it so what does he care lol. So a bundle up and try to prepare myself for a miserable ride around this great city.   

The route didn’t disappoint me. It was a nice route around great places, IF it was nice sunny day! And way too many bridges four in total. I try to enjoy the ride while I try to put behind the fact that I was wet and very cold and hungry, very hungry.. I’m always hungry!. 

The last part of the route.. The Gowanus, was all elevation and more elevation to get to the Verrazano, which it felt like an infinity bridge. At that point you are 30+ miles in so your legs are tired.. At least mine were and did I mention I was wet and cold?!. 

The tour was one of those things that you have to do it at least once in your life. I wish the weather was better but I can’t change what it can’t be change. I remember one of my coach  from the triathlon club saying “you train in the rain to race in the rain”

Not sure if I will ever do it again though but happy I did it. Now I need to keep up getting my miles up. The goal is to be at 60 miles by the end of May and at least five miles run immediately right after the ride. 

70.3 is right around the corner and I know I am not ready, and I am afraid that if I don’t start being selfish with my time, I might go in really unprepared and probably unable to finish.

Till next time.



1 thought on “Five borough tour recap.”

  1. It was such a cold and rainy day. I can’t believe you went out there! Well, maybe I can believe it. You ARE superwoman!


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