Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

Brooklyn Half Marathon is one of my favorite race, it is early in the year but not too early. It is right before the summer so it gets me pump for what laid ahead. This race has a great route through Brooklyn. Prospect Park it is usually one the best site of the whole race and of course Coney Island (finish line) where everyone is usually waiting so there is plenty of expectant. It is well run and it is massive, the biggest half marathon in the country.

I often complain that I am never ready because I often compare myself with Olympian Linette from the year 2000. I often feel like the training is not consistent enough for me to do good but good enough to finish without dying. My mind is set to when I was 16 or 17 years old and I was able to train twice a day and nap in between, well at 33 and running and training for triathlon comes secondary, my boys come first. But it is still hard for me to get my mind set to “present” the day of the race.

This half marathon was no exception, I try to go into it with the mind set of “just have fun” “just finish”. I did a lot of “wrong” things before race day, such as only one long run 4 weeks before race day. Party the night before. Drink alcohol, well a beer the night before and I wear heals and went to be past midnight. Not really a typical things for me before race day. But when I started running, none of that really matter. I just couldn’t slow down the pace so when I got out the park at mile 7 or 8 I told myself to keep going and see if you can finish the same way you started. By mile 11 I couldn’t believe that I was still running strong and with no sign of slowing down. I am super competitive and when I saw my watch for the first time since mile 2 and notice that I could in fact PR, I couldn’t hold myself back… so I didn’t.

I have run this race 3 years in the row and I have always PR but I was super excited to find that I have indeed PR again but by 5 minutes, faster time EVER!!

The Next Day:  I have run a full marathon before and I have never felt this sore. My thighs were super sore, so much that I couldn’t squad. Took Sunday off but jump right into training that Monday with a nice 15 miles ride with some nasty hills. IMG_1935.JPG

I am looking forward to the next race and hopping to maintain the level of excitement and hopefully keeping the training going. Next race is Flat as a Pancake and it is the first triathlon of the season. This one is right on my home turf and I know I won’t make podium but it just a quick and fun race with a bunch of team mates.


“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~Lolly Daskal~





Till next time,




Training while on vacation:

As a mommy of two little firecracker (boys) I am always on the move and since I spend about a year joggling their activities, school, household stuff and you know.. Mommy life and training pretty much on my own, it was time for a much deserved vacation without my boys. 

I usually go on vacation and I ALWAYS plan to incorporate some of the training. Usually run or swim if we go international and bike and run if we are in the states and vacation is driving distance such as Myrtle beach, SC. Because I’m lucky that my husband understand my craziness so I take my road bike.  

This time around we went to Mexico without the kids and when I was booking the first thing that call my attention about this resort was the state of the art gym. Good roads in the resort safe enough for me to run for few miles and a lap pool. Bingo!!

The resort offer spin classes, which make me love this place even more since I couldn’t take my bike to Mexico, spinning was a good alternative. They also offer yoga and Pilates classes. All those things that I do at home and would helps me keep training going and healthy. It also offer a great spa that I utilize everyday while there. 

I’m used to get up early so it was not hard for me to be up and moving by 6:30 local time or 7:30 NY time. I work out in the morning till about 11 then the spa and the rest of the day was to enjoy what the vacation has to offer. 

I was well rested every morning and the best thing was that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on training nor not enjoying my well deserve vacation. 

Everything is a balance and sometimes getting things done require discipline. I try not to make my vacation a training camp but since I need to turn up my training just a notch, and no harm was done. We still enjoyed our vacation and I got some training done so I was a happy camper. 

Prioritize what’s important. Till August my priority is my training. 

Cheers from Mexico, 


Linette 🙂

Paleo, the 30 days challenge is over.

You have hear me talk about the paleo diet for a whole 30 days. On how the diet can be good and bad and a bit in between.

I believe we all want that athlete’s body that we see in magazines and billboards. Or our friends at the gym or fellows runners and triathletes. (new post on the “right” athletic body is coming up).

The reason I followed the diet was to try it on. Also because I want the “athlete’s body” and I felt like I work out enough to have a six pack (or that’s what I thought) but I don’t, I don’t have a six pack and my mid section looks sad. Although I have two small kids, still not a reason to use as an excuse. And also because it has a lot of benefits, healths benefits.

I thought that by adjusting my diet and putting some extra core work out, it would help my cause. But not just I tone up my belly, I also learn so much about what goes into my body and the advantages of getting whole organic and plant base foods. I have been transitioning to organic for a while now and you can feel the deference when training or even you are not a triathlete or an athlete and just want to be more healthy.

What I really like about the diet is all the vegetable in take. I fuel in grill or boil veggies, nuts and fruits. I was also very caution about my water intake because although paleo doesn’t really allow you to drink sports sink due to its high sugars, I still had it for all The electrolytes that I need on my long runs and long rides.

Sugar was definitely something I thought I really didn’t consume much but doing the diet show me otherwise. In the beginning of the 30 days I was having massive headaches and craving sugars and carbs. I no longer drink my coffee with sugar or any other drink. I try to get must of sugars from fruits and raw, unfiltered honey, which has been great. With the bread and carbs, well I will be making adjustments but I will be incorporating back to my diet.

Process food is another big factor of why our body won’t shape the way we would like and with paleo you will notice that there is zero process food and it all good, organic non process food.

Paleo diet will be a good starting point for those that are looking to lose some weight and keep it off because and get lean and strong. It help you eliminates so much of the bad stuff in our foods such as sugars and process food. A good exercise plan and paleo diet and I believe you will hit your goal BUT you have to stick to it for more than a month… I know it’s not easy, especially the first week or so but totally worthy. I did for 30 days and although I won’t be sticking to it 100%, I will be making lots of changes in my diet. Give it a try 🙂

Till next time.


Five borough tour recap.

When I sign up for the five borough tour, it was mustily to get some miles in since I have never ride my bike longer than 2 1/2 hour and because I thought it will pretty cool to ride around New York City where you usually are not allow, like the FDR , the Gowanus and Verrazano bridge. 

I don’t ride often enough like must triathletes or cyclist do. I ride because I have to and I have a love-hate relationship with it because I’m not fast and I struggle. 

My other issue with my bike is the “I am afraid to fall” mentality and that pulls me back of trying to get faster and since it was raining, the thought of falling was on my mind for the whole 40 miles.  My mentality when I am on the bike is just so different than when I am running or swimming, I will leave everything in the water or the pavement. I will give my very best, but on the bike, just not the case.

I’m one of those athlete that always check for the weather. I don’t like cold and who want to be cold and wet at the same time??! Not this girl. So I new weather was not going to be on my side. I even thought on backing out all together but my husband thought it pretty silly not to do it just because it was going to rain… He was not doing it so what does he care lol. So a bundle up and try to prepare myself for a miserable ride around this great city.   

The route didn’t disappoint me. It was a nice route around great places, IF it was nice sunny day! And way too many bridges four in total. I try to enjoy the ride while I try to put behind the fact that I was wet and very cold and hungry, very hungry.. I’m always hungry!. 

The last part of the route.. The Gowanus, was all elevation and more elevation to get to the Verrazano, which it felt like an infinity bridge. At that point you are 30+ miles in so your legs are tired.. At least mine were and did I mention I was wet and cold?!. 

The tour was one of those things that you have to do it at least once in your life. I wish the weather was better but I can’t change what it can’t be change. I remember one of my coach  from the triathlon club saying “you train in the rain to race in the rain”

Not sure if I will ever do it again though but happy I did it. Now I need to keep up getting my miles up. The goal is to be at 60 miles by the end of May and at least five miles run immediately right after the ride. 

70.3 is right around the corner and I know I am not ready, and I am afraid that if I don’t start being selfish with my time, I might go in really unprepared and probably unable to finish.

Till next time.