You are going to disappear!

I often get ask the question of why I exercise the way I do, why so much? Some people think it is too much or that I am looking to lose weight, may be I am too skinny for the amount of exercise that I do. The reality is that I have been in the weight since 2001 and I am one of this people that don’t gain much weigh but when I do is because I am pregnant :). I don’t gain weight very easy but I do lose weight quiet easy, which sometimes, it is not that great to be 5’6″ and 155 lb and looking sickly.FullSizeRender.jpg

The other day in the lockers room a women came up to me and say “why do you swim so much, you look great and you probably have not kids, you are going to disappear if you keep it up” My husband thinks it is a compliment but I don’t think the same way since it is not the first time people think I swim, bike and run because I want to lose weight.

I do it because I like to swim, bike and run. I do it because I feel good and I do because it is my gateway of stay sane in my insanity world of do it all.

I wonder if people will get offend if I tell them that they need to lose weight. That they are too fat and they better start swimming, biking or running… What do you think?

For some people exercise is to lose weight, for me is feel good.


“Don’t let the noise from outside disturb your peace inside”


Till the next!




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