Paleo diet update… The struggle.

Well, well, well!! Paleo diet is going full speed now. On day 18 I can say I have finally come to terms with its process and understanding it much better.. Not 100% yet lol. It is harder than what I originally though, for sure. I don’t think I took into consideration the fact that I am an endurance athlete and may be carb is a big part of my diet.

The first week was really hard, I was having withdraws and headaches from the lack of sugars and process food. I was craving bread and rice but stay strong. I learned to plan better my meals and to insure I have healthy snacks whenever I go.

But not everything was going smooth…. I cheated on day 15th! It was just a crazy day running around, no lunch and

Food variation

no snacks, I was starving and feeling crappy. I had the slow cooker going so I knew I will have a good, nutritious diner waiting for me at home. I made a delicious beef stew in the slow cooker and I made rice for the family.. I was so hungry that I ate rice.. less than half a cup. kill me, I know!


Another huge challenge is eating out. We eat out often enough that, for me is a problem. I have ask for just meet and veggies everywhere we go and the thought of not knowing what on my food, kills me.

I am big fan of my fresh squeeze  juices. I love my carrot, beets and apples.. yum!! so there is always some fresh juice in my fridge.

So a day of food will look like:

Breakfast 8:00am:  Sweet potatoes (boil) two eggs and bacon with black coffee and juice.

Snack 11:00am: Protein shake or smoothy

Lunch 1:00pm: Grill Salmon with greens/avocado and fruits.

Snack 3:30: fruits and almonds or smoothy.

Diner 6:pm: steak with lots of veggies and avocado and juice.

Snack 10:00pm: protein shake 🙂

I am still learning the process and like I say before, it is not so easy. I know I have to make some changes, specially the days that I have longer rides and long runs. I still will have to do some carbs but so far is working.

I will keep you posted on how and when I will introduce carbs.. probably this weekend 🙂


Till then.. Cheers!!





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