Coming off of an injury.

FullSizeRenderLate 2014 I told myself that it was time to run a full marathon and for me the ideal marathon was NYC, so I blindly put my name on the lottery and to my surprise, I got in!

I was excited beyond words but never cross my mind that my husband was getting deploy overseas for 6 months and before that, he spend 4 months away.

So what do you do? I didn’t want to give up the race that I wanted so much, so I thought to myself ” I am doing this”

Training was somewhat all over the place. I ran 3x during the week and that’s including my long  runs on Sundays. Must of my runs were rush and not well planned. Hydration was a huge issue and time was near non existent.

I try to make the best of it but I was still the mom and dad. My kids were having a hard time dealing with daddy being away. Meltdown after meltdown, must of them were during the AM hours (2,3 and 4am). They was no recovery. I would go for a run and comeback to entertain my boys, to do homework, to make sure things were not falling behind at home, running was definitely not a priority at this point and my body took a bad hit.

Six weeks before marathon day, I went for a long run when I felt like someone hit me on my knees with a bat. The pain was excruciating. I knew at that point I was injure and I need it take it easy. I took two weeks off from running and try my best to stretch. I swam and bike so at least my muscle were still moving but with little effort.

Marathon day came and I started positive and feeling great till mile 17 when the pain returned and I have to walk and drag my leg to the finish line. I did finish under 5 hours (4:56.38) I cried because I was so disappointed. I cried because this was not how I picture my first marathon and because my biggest cheerleader was tracking me from 7,000 miles away.

I picture crossing the finish line grabbing and kissing my kids and my husband and I guess because it didn’t happen that way, I got extremely sad.

I DID have awesome friends that were with me all the way, from start to finish and without them it would it be just not possible. They help me mentally and their moral support was just what I need it at the time. I am forever grateful!

It is very hard to stay injury free when you don’t train the way you should or you don’t pay attention to recovery. Recovery is one of the must part of your training.

After all, I got MRI. My knee was in knee brace for almost two months and when for physical therapy for couple of months but I am still dealing with the aftermath of that injury. Because my right knee got dislocate, it is till possible to get discomfort after a run.

I am learning to be more strict when it comes to recovery and stretching. I am learning at better planing my runs, rides and swim without the stress of having to rush home.

What’s your trick to stay injury free? Do you stretch before and after a ride or run?

Hope you enjoy it!




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