How do I have the time?

As a stay home mama, people will probably think that I have all the time in the world and training comes easy but unfortunately I have two toddlers, a husband that is a fire man and also serve our country so life never stops in this household. We are always moving, wether is taking my kids to sports or birthday parties or just to the park, we are moving.

Learning to balance my training with my kids schedule plus the house plus being a wife, it has been a challenge. So many people will ask: How do you do it? So as a mention before, it takes balance and sacrifices, my main priority are my kids so I try my best not miss anything relate to them. I am that mom at every sports event and school function.

This is how my week of training will look like with some modifications on the swim (I don’t really need to swim that much) I try my best to focus on the bike (which I am terrible at) and the runs, since is the last leg and you want to be able to finish strong.

OFF Bike 90:00 Swim 50:00

Run 45:00

Bike 120:002x10minute race pace10 min Brick easy Swim 50:00

Run 45:00

Bike 165:00 (2 3/4 Hrs)

w/ Hills

Swim 30:00

Recovery/Low Intensity

Run 80:00

w/ Hills

On my off day I strength  training for about an hour and I try to be a normal mom and wife :). So this is how it works… all this training takes place while my kids are must likely in school. My oldest son goes to kindergarten so I have room there but my youngest just recently turn 3 so he goes to nursery school twice during the week for 2 hours. During those two hours I swim and run.

I must likely jump on my trainer during the week and Saturday or Sunday I will do a long ride outside.

Some of the runs during the week take place while must people is asleep or after school when grandma can watch my boys for an hour or so.

I am a planner so I try to map out my training during the weekend so I have an idea what’s coming ahead. Sometimes it is very hard if my husband have to be away with the military or he just have to take few extra tours at the fire house. I try to see how much sleep I will get .. I love my bed 🙂

In the end, it just seems to work for me and when it doesn’t, I go back to the drawing board.

For those mamas that are in the work force .. how do you do it? what is/are your strategy?

Lets tri together, let me know how you work things out and how do you find the time.

Hope you enjoy it!



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