New York City Marathon

After running NYC marathon in 2015 and getting injury in the process, I knew I have to run it again. I knew that could finish in better shape and time so I went ahead and put in for the lottery but I didn’t get it. I was also in the middle of training for my Lake Placid 70.3 and looking for a new home so after getting the email of rejection, the thought of running NYC marathon was way in the back of my head till I got an email with the opportunity of running the race, this was August! so of course I have to accepted.

After completing Lake Placid 70.3 in mid September, my right ankle was acting up so I decided to rest it, two weeks later it was time to get back into running, unfortunately there wasn’t much time for the long miles so my longest miles was 16 but there was 16 good miles. I was ready.

Race day:

3:30 wake up call. Since I no longer live in the city, my drive was about 1 hour and 30 minutes into John Jay College to meet the rest of the FDNY crew. The morning started out right with being escorted to the starting line by the awesome man and women of the NYPD.

It was cold and raining at the starting line but I was so excited to be there that the cold and the rain did not bother me at all.

It was crowded at the bridge and few miles into Brooklyn so it took me a while to break from the crow and get a good pace.

This race has such amazing vibe and great anergy that I felt like it carry me through the whole 26.2 miles into the park.  it is like a big block party. I did had a small hiccup at mile 24 were I got really hungry and light headache and I have to stop. I was lucky enough to stop where they were giving out bananas, so I grab a piece and Gatorade and went on, unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with my pace but I finish strong, with no injury and with a big smile on my face. Seeing my friend Jen at mile 18 and the by the finish, really gave me that little boost that you need to push through and finish strong.

New York City Marathon is like no other so if you ever have the opportunity to run it, do it. You will not be disappointed.

It is time to take a rest and for few weeks and then back into training for NYC half and  NJ Marathon, so follow me into my journey in trying to qualify to Boston. On my IG account @mrslazatin #thismamacantritoBQ in the mean time it is time to have fun with the family.


Crossing the finish line… Look at that smile on my face!
After a strong and wet finish!


Keep in touch and don’t forget to keep try-ing.




Lake Placid 70.3 Race Report

I signed up for Lake Placid 70.3 right after completing Timberman because I was disappointed of my performance, yes! disappointed on finishing my first half ironman. (if you want to know the full story read my Timberman report) and because I want to do Lake Placid full in 2018.

The back story.

I wanted to do much better, I thought I could do much better so I plan Lake Placid a whole year ahead. I book hotel for me and my family, thinking that we can use this as a weekend gateway. I train… hard. I put the miles and the time BUT we were in the process of buying a house. I  was very stress because all I wanted was to be move and settle before my kids start school. I didn’t want to move in hurry or having them start in their former school to have them switch few weeks or months later. We had a house that fell through in the beginning of July and that place us back to square one.

We were not moving in the same neighborhood, we were moving 90 miles away from our current neighborhood, so finding time to look at houses and train and juggle the boys in late July early August, came to an near impossible task. When we finally found “the house”, there was mistakes and more mistakes made in the process by the bank and that once again put us behind schedule. With a house packed and no place to move. School started and I have to move with my oldest to a hotel so he doesn’t miss the first week of school. My husband needed to go away with the military and moving day was Thursday, not only that but Lake Placid was that weekend too.

Moved in a hurry on Thursday, throw every into the house and we left. I drove to Lake Placid… by myself and my husband flew to Atlanta. My much plan weekend for months  with my family was now a solo trip and with a terrible back pain due to all the lifting I had to do. I thought few Advil will do the job but I was wrong.. so wrong.

Race day

37 degrees to start. The water was at 62 and I had already check out. My mind had giving up on me before the race started. I was cold and I was in pain.

The Swim

It was a very slow start. I couldn’t feel my face for the first few 100’s yards. I was able to catch a rhythm  to the finish but the floor was so cold that my feet were nome by the time I got to transition. In transition I tried my best to dry as much as possible. I put on extra pants and wind breaker and I went on.

The bike

This was were my mind really check out. The first 25 or so miles were more down hills. I could’t feel my toes or my fingers. I was so sold and uncomfortable that I didn’t know what to do. The back pain was so intense that felt like I was having contractions. My shoulders were going nome and by mile 40 I couldn’t take it anymore and I decided to dismount my bike and wait for the crew to pick me up. I cried, I couldn’t believe I was giving up, I couldn’t believe I have nothing else to give. I couldn’t believe I am trowing all this months of training in the garbage. While I sat on the floor all I could think  was  “what am I supposed to tell my boys” that I gave up? that I couldn’t do it? I honestly do it for me. This triathlon and running madness is for me BUT I know they are ALWAYS watching. They are very proud of me all times I run a marathon or do a triathlon and while I was sobbing, I remember Thomas playing Roar by Katy Perry (that’s his favorite song) so I got up and got up my bike and continue the 16 miles up hill till town. I don’t know how I made it but I did. In transition I stretch, took two Advil and went on my run.

The run

With the bike behind, I knew the run was hilly but for some reason I didn’t care, all care was on finishing and not walking. I made a point on NOT walking so I ran the whole 13.1 miles specially the hills. I found a girls name Heather, I was starting to walk and she says “you just flew by me, this is not the time to walk” and then we ran together for a good 4 miles and it was great. We chat and talk about how much we suck on the bike, how beautiful the tow was and holy hills! We got separated when I stop drink and eat something salty. I wish I could have found her at the finish line. She was a great running partner and great motivation. I PR my by a good 20 min and mostly because of Heather.

At the end of the race, I felt accomplished because I finished but once again disappointed on my performance. I was able to celebrate my finish with new amazing triathlete friends and a whole lot of experience to tell my boys.

I really would love to do full Ironman and the goal was for 2018 but I have come to terms that I need to focus on training smart and that include the swim which I have always neglected because ” I am a swimmer” and spend much need it time on the bike. I have NYC Marathon in November and after that the only race I have is NJ full in late April. I won’t be signing up my any races in November as I usually plan my year ahead. It will be hard but I believe it is the right thing to do. I think 2018 will a year to “rest’ and learn.


Till next report and don’t forget to keep tri-ing



My 4th NYC Triathlon on the books!

New York City Triathlon is one of personal favorite course and the weather did not disappoint. Beautiful day in NYC for a triathlon.

Racing this race is a big headache because you have to pick up packet in the city and you have a mandatory bike drop off on Saturday and between that getting yourself race ready, your whole weekend is gone. But let start, shall we?!

3 am wake up call. Usually the night before a big race is really hard to sleep. Thinking on race ritual and hoping you don’t sleep through your alarm. I went to bed at 9pm but wake up at 1:50 and unable to actually fall back to sleep. I was able to get everything done in 30 minutes without waking anyone, it is usually impossible because I believe my kids can hear my eyes when the open.

Nutrition is a big part of any race and I have yet to nail it so I pay special attention to my breakfast on race day, which I am the worse breakfast eater. Oatmeal, banana and Ucan nutrition shake.

After circling the area for parking for a good 30 minutes and really thinking that I was not going to make it in time into transition, I just park in a corner and pray that I didn’t get a ticket because I din’t read any sign.

The Swim:

Set up transition and walked the mile and half to the swim start where I started to meet my team mates and it started to feel real. When the swim starts, it goes by really quick and in no time I was in the water going with the current. I decided to use the wetsuit because of the water in the Hudson it is usually nasty and smelly. It was a good swim till I catch up with two groups that had jump before me. I slow down a bit because I was couple of swimmers grabbing to the lifeguards and I got worried, but power through and finished swim strong. Faster swim in this event yet 15:02 course PR.

T1 was actually fast, was out in 2 minutes.

The Bike:

Because I have done this ride 3 times before, I know about the huge incline before getting to the highway and I know that it is better to just take it easy till you are on a open highway. I also know that the course is hilly as hell and that the thing I will hear the must will be “on your left” which I didn’t and that make pretty happy. I don’t push myself enough on the bike but in the end I was able to PR the course by 5 minutes and feeling leg ready for the run. Finished with a time of 1:33.22 PR as well.

T2- 1:32

The Run:

Loooove this run. You have so many people cheering till the finish line that you forget for a minute that you have to run the Harlem’s hill and all the hills that Central Park has to offer. I like to cheer for those I passed on my way because I know running 6 miles after 25 miles bike ride is not easy and I also know that for many, this will be their first triathlon. It was such beautiful day in NYC for once. They have cut the run the last two years because of dangerous heat and being able to complete it without overheating or shoveling ice in my hat or shirt… felt good. Finished with a time of 50:25 a PR and with a big smile on my face.

Overall it was a good day for raising and even though I love the feeling of crossing the finish line, it is time to take a break on racing and focus on the training for Ironman Lake Placid 70.3 coming in September.

Love the feeling of crossing the finis line


Don’t be afraid to Try!


Coney Island Aguathlon and Duathlon

I have done this event few times and I like it because it is local and it doesn’t take the whole day. They are a bit disorganized but in the end it is a fun event.

I signed up for this event after giving birth to my second son and when I was looking for a way of getting back in shape and getting active again. After completing the fist one I thought that adding the bike should be a simple task…. we all know how much I love riding (sarcasm)

This year I sign up because I am once again training for a 70.3 (half Ironman) in September and thought that this will be a good idea as training. The problem I have encounter of doing races late summer, early fall is that summer are really busy with my kids. We go away too often and we are always on the move. This summer as usual we travel to Myrtle beach, SC for our yearly vacation and I usual I take all my gear, including my bike. I was able to complete couple of runs, one OWS and one ride. None of then where done as plan. Temperatures were really hot and humid by 7am so every work out was very unpleasant.

I left Myrtle couple of days early because I had to race on Saturday so drove back on a thursday and Friday my legs were shot.

6 am wake up call on race day. It was hot and beautiful morning in NYC. I pick up my packet and set up my transition and then head out to the sand.

The Swim:

It was actually clear and the water temp was not too bad. I decided to wear my wetsuit and I feel it was a good decision. Until after the run. Finished the swim with a time of 1:16.14. Slower that what I would like to admit but when you don’t put the time, you shouldn’t expect to do well. Best part was seeing my husband waiting for me by transition. It is always nice to see a familiar face on race day 🙂

The Run:

By the time I got out of the water, the temperature outside was 80 degrees and humid. It was good run and although it was on the boardwalk, it didn’t really bother me. I power through the run with a finish time of 53:05.

Overall I finished 2nd on my age group and a big chafe spot on my neck that looks like some one try to cut my neck with a knife. In the end I was a bit disappointed with my performance but I still don’t know why.

Now back to training because NYC Tri is Sunday July 16th.

Don’t be afraid to Try!



Staten Island Flat as a Pancake Tri

The Flat as a Pancake Triathlon is held right in my backyard (not really lol) but it is in Staten Island, my hometown. This was my first triathlon back in 2014 when I was training for my first Olympic (NYC) and when I have no idea what I was getting myself into and since then I do it every year.

Although it is a small triathlon, it very competitive with our club. I like it because it has set the tone of my season since 2014. Every year I get better and stronger and more knowledgeable. I also get to see my boys at the finish line and that makes this mama so happy because this is the only one they get to go.

All that being say, I feel like this year was different. I have about 80 teammates and I still somehow felt alone. My family didn’t made it to see me finish as they have done in the past years.  So I did my job and took off home before the whole thing was over.

The swim: 

This year I used my wetsuit which I end up ripping it off by the velcro and it needs to be fix. It rain for couple of days before the race and temperature where not warm.  We were expecting rain during the race as well. It didn’t rain but it was overcast. I usually neglect the swim because I am a OK swimmer. I swam about 3 times before race day and have not done one OWS since last August. Good swim 8 minutes.


Got a bit disoriented and couldn’t find my bike. 2:34

The Bike:

It was ok….It is completely flat course with 3 loops.  was hoping to do better although I PR on the course. I have this thing in my head that I need to “save” anergy for the run and in the end I regret not giving more power. Time 40:16

In the zone


Not sure why it felt like I was in transition forever. 2:22 ( May be I should practice transition some day)

The run:

This year the run course was slightly change. Must of it was on the boardwalk. I hate running on the boardwalk, I felt dizzy and off beat and by then it was already very humid. Time 23:40

Looking happy almost at the finish line.

Total time was 1:16.55 PR for me and 5th on my age group.

An Aguathlon coming up in July 8th follow by NYC triathlon on July 16th. Report to follow.

Don’t be afraid to Tri!


Marathon training take 2!

Last year at the end of my season I had decided to run two marathon in search of qualifying for Boston 2018 and to use it as training to complete a full Ironman (140.6) so I went on sign up for Novo Nordisk New Jersey, which is held in the town of Long Branch, New Jersey. It is local and It is early in the season, giving me time in case I don’t qualified in this one, I will be able to try again in the fall.

If you have been following me, you know that I ran NYC in 2015 while my husband was deployed and it was a not so great race due to the lack of training time. I ran the last 12 miles with a dislocated knee and although I finished, I was quiet disappointed that I couldn’t finish they way I wanted. So I got injured and that bench me for about two months of zero running/swimming or biking and tons of physical therapy. Very frustrating right?! so I made a point that will be smarter this time around.

Fast forward to 2017 and already with a full race calendar in place, including United Airlines Half, which it has been one of my bucket list race. I have been putting for it for the past 3 years and finally in 2017, I got it in!! (it is a lottery race)

since I wanted to run smart, strong and injury free, I got a training plan. Got advice from running coach and did pretty much was I was supposed to do. But last Sunday while running my long mile, I started to feel some discomfort on my left foot so decided not to push it. It was a very cold and windy morning and I was struggling to hit my pace and I was ok with it.

When I got home soak myself on a warm bath with epson salt, eucalyptus and lavender.  Got dress for a birthday party and went on my day as usual. When I wake up next day, I could not walk. My foot was a bit swollen and bruised. The first words out my mouth were what the fuck! took my kids to school and realized that I was in trouble.

At the doctor office while she was talking and explaining where the fractures were, the tears just starting pouring out. I couldn’t believe that my body was betraying me. That she was giving up on me, after so much hard work already done. What did I do wrong? where did it go all wrong? All this emotions starting to flow and I left the doctor’s office feeling helpless.

I have schedule an MRI to see the extent of the damage but as right now I am bench till further notice. I will be watching the New York City Half from my couch and most likely New Jersey won’t happen. I am hopping to be able to swim and bike while my foot heal but still waiting for doctor’s orders.

My spirit is broken and my faith is being tested but I this point all I can do is let it heal and resume training when possible.

My fashionable boot! 


Till next time,


Army Ten Miler and End of the season thoughts.

“The harder you fall, the heavier your heart; the heavier your heart, the stronger you climb; the stronger you climb, the higher your pedestal.”

Criss Jami


The Army Ten Miler is one of my personal favorite race. I, for some reason run that race very proud. I overcome with full of emotion watching so many injury soldiers trying hard. I watch their struggle to continue. I see the pain in their eyes. I see them fall and stand up like I am sure they have done many times. And while I go pass them, it just make me feel proud, proud to have the opportunity to run beside them, amount them.

6:00 am wake up and the first thing I did was to look out of my hotel window. We were bracing ourself for not so great weather since we were just lucky to not get hit by hurricane Mathew but we knew it will be windy and overcast. Well the weather people lie! it was still raining and very windy. Temperatures were in the mid 50’s but when you add the wind, you know it is going to be a cold one. I hate cold… Oh and did I mention I hate cold?!

Headed to the start line ready to run. I ate very light and hydrate to ensure a good performance. This race is big, about 40,000 runners so you know your start will be a bit cramp but I went with a goal in mind and I was determine to reach it.

When I run I am like a horse, I don’t look back or to the my side, it is all forward. I don’t run with music either because I learn from my husband t listen to my breathing and that has help me so much on how to pace myself. So the plan was to go out fast the first mile to break out of the pack. So I did, my first mile was 7:53. For some reason mile 3 is always out of sync and a bit off compare to the rest of my miles then mile 4 and 5 were my fastest miles at 7:50. Then the rest were between 8:00 and 8:04 which according to Garmin my pace was a flat 8m/m which I am happy with. Total time was a good 1:20:49 witch it was my goal. 3 minutes PR from my last 10 miler and to end my season in a good note.

At the end of pretty much every race, I feel like I could have give just a bit more. I always think that may be I am reserving myself too much. May be I am over thinking the finish line too much and not allowing myself to give all I have.

I had a pretty good season, so I can’t really complain about a bad season but I need it to end my season in a good note since I am still pretty disappointed about my Ironman. I know I wanted to finish and I did but I let my mind take over and I felt defeated before the finish line. I let my mind dictate my body and that’s when everything went wrong.

For the off season I am hoping to get my shit together and train what I am bad at… which is cycling. I need to embrace the suck and stop complaining. Strength training and cycling in on the menu for most of my off season.

2017 Season: I am already planing for 2017 season and really hoping to sign up for two marathon, one in May and the other one most likely would be NYC or CMC. Everything is on the “planning” stage right now. One of my big goal for next year is taking on Ironman Lake placid 70.3 in September and I want to qualify for Boston 2018 so lets see whats 2017 bring and lets train smart.

Finish coin
Finish coin and the reflecting pool
Washington monument at my finger tip 🙂

“To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act.”

Anatole Frances



Century Disaster

Fall seven times and stand up eight.

–Japanese Proverb

After Ironman Timberman 70.3 I sign up for a century ride with couple of friends, not sure why since my longest ride was 56 miles during Timberman but I guess I was still suffering from post race amnesia and click “register”. I figure that if I really wanted to test the water and see if I can ever do 140.6, I will need to do few 100+ miles for training and since this was not a race, just an organized route with rest stops and bunch of crazy people doing lost of miles in their bikes, I thought why not.

The “race” was in New Jersey so wake up time was 5:00 am. We got there early enough to get ready and chat without rushing. It was a beautiful day, 60 degrees and very low humidity which is perfect weather for a bike ride make the ride.

You have hear me complain about how bad of the rider I am over and over, well this ride proof that I am also very bad following directions. To start I got very frustrate because I felt like I was not moving. I was struggling to get some speed. I ride not everyday but often and usually not less than 20 miles. I lost my friends around mile 40 and figure I can catch to them at the rest stop. No… I didn’t I couldn’t catch them. I was moving, I was pedaling but I was going anywhere. They are very new to riding, less than 6 months new. So my thought was, how could they go so fast? Why I can’t catch up to them? but I didn’t have time to be questioning myself because I now have found myself lost, yes lost in Jackson New Jersey. How did I got lost? still in question but I was lost and frustrated.

After circle around the same route trying to find my was back to the mark route, I was able to find two more riders that were also lost. At this point we are at mile 56 seating on a corner street trying to figure out how to get back to the route or back to the finish. We called the race people hoping they can either direct us to the right direction or pick us up but we got no answer and at this point all I can think was how to get back. I was tired, hungry, sore and very aggravated. I also needed to let my friends know I was ok. Hopefully my friends are not worry and I needed to call my husband in case he needs to call the highway patrol or something to get me out of here.

So I texted my friend Toni and let her know that I was lost but ok and then call my husband and with whatever battery left I have I GPS direction how to get back where I started.

It took me 8+ hours to complete 100+ miles and every single positive thought that I have to  keep going.

What is the lesson learned?

I have learn few lessons while riding my long Century ride.

  •  1st I need help with my bike so I think a coach my be the best route to understand why I am suffering so much on my rides.
  • 2nd lesson, I am definitely NOT ready to take on 140.6 any time soon.
  • 3rd May be it has to be something with with my bike.

At the end of the day I have to give a huge thank to my friend Toni and her friends Ali, Ed and Michele for waiting for me and cheering me on at the end. I couldn’t ask for a better “welcoming” cheer. I never thought I would one of those people that gets to the finish line and be the last soul to cross the finish line, even the volunteer were gone.

Also thank you to the awesome gentleman that I found along the way David and John for helping push through to the finish.

My route 
FullSizeRender 2.jpg
The original route

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

–F. Scott Fitzgerald


Next stop is Amy Ten Miler in October… seat tight and enjoy the ride.






Ironman Timberman 70.3

“Courage conquer all things; it even gives strength to the body”

When I took on the challenge of finishing an Ironman half distance, I knew it will not going to be an easy challenge just because I know I have two babies and time is something I don’t have much of it, but I took on the challenge anyways. Things were going well until I was offer a job for the summer, which for me it was an awesome opportunity since I would like to go back to work in the near future and having this opportunity to easy myself in was just fantastic and could’t  say no to it.

So before work came into the table, I have set up the boys to go into camp, to allow me to train as much as the training plan was calling for but life happens so training didn’t really happened that much.

So the time has finally come and I have my mind set up on the finish line. The only way I was not finishing this was if I crash on the bike or pass out on the run (which didn’t happen). I no longer get nervous before a race because I no longer compete. I go in for me and to beat the Linette from yesterday. I want to enjoy every minute of every race and yes I want to try my best on getting a PR.

My day started at 3:30 am. I was pretty far from the race so I need to get up extra early. No sure what happen but I didn’t follow morning ritual (coffee, oatmeal, bananas and water) and I completely forgot about breakfast. I ate a banana and beet juice (not enough). Set up transition and waited for the start. Thank God for team mates that make me feel so confident and ready to take on the world.

The swim:

The swim was in the beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. Fresh  clear water and beautiful view of the mountains. Wave were every 4 minutes and I was in wave 10. I was planing on staying on the outside but it seems like everyone had the same idea so I quickly got myself in the inside. I spend must of my time trying to get away from other swimmers and not getting kick or punch. By the time I had a good open stream I was almost at the finish. My time 0:35.58. When I got out and notice my time I was not upset because I was still trying to preserve my energy for the bike and the run but 35 minutes was not what I was expecting. I have done better in practice.

The Bike:

Well! not really what I expected. It was very hilly and I lost my water bottles by mile 7 ( I left one at home so riding with just one was a struggle to begin with) so I was not a happy camper. They had lots of aid stations where they provide Gatorade, gel and water which safe my life!. On mile 40 I quickly realized that I was complete exhausted and started to think ALL things I did wrong, such as not eating well that morning. Not checking on my bike nutrition while I was training. Not riding longer, not riding harder. All I kept hearing was “on your left” of people passing me by while going up yet another hill. I was disappointed and wanted to to quit so bad. I was able to see some of my teammates and cheer them back which gave me a bit of boost but not enough to go up yet another hill.  Around mile 52 it was yet another hill before going into transition and I wanted to cry! but there was no time for crying, so I put my big girl undies and kept pedaling into transition.  My time was 3:55:24

The Run:

What can I say?! after 56 miles of pure up hills I was actually looking forward to the run and to see familiar faces (husband and two great friends) I started the run confident that I would do much better but right after I turn the first corner .. there it was!… yet another hill. I just told myself  “do NOT walk” so I kept moving. The temperature was not a cool 65 degrees anymore but a 86 degrees and 80% humidity. So I hit pretty much every water station so I can pour the water on my head and keep myself cool. The good thing is that on the run is were you get to chat with people and hear their stories of why they are doing this, why are they putting their body through pure misery and then you realize how much you have in common with all this people. I did stop to use the portal potty and walk a bit on mile 10. Time 2:25:53.

Last loop… 100 yard left to finish!
Although my goal was to finish I was pretty disappointed to see my splits and finish time. I wanted to do better but at the end of the day you can’t expect your body to do better if it is not train for. I can’t expect to pedal for 56 miles and fell great when I never did 56 miles on training so it all falls on me. I can see this as a great accomplishment or I can stay disappointed at my time and performance. I choose to see this as one the most awesome feeling I have. Finishing was an immense accomplishment and it is something that no one can take that from me.

So what now?

I will be doing another 70.3 distance, must likely Lake Placid in September 2017 to prepare myself for a full distance (140.6) in 2018. Why two years to a full? because by then both of my kids will be in school full time 🙂 Couple of marathon are also in the making. So it is not over yet. Hang tight and enjoy the ride.


“once cannot improve as an endurance athlete except by changing one’s relationship with perception of effort” Matt Fitzgerald.



Summer Recap… Triathlons


The summer has been really fun and excited. I am sorry I have been M.I.A but life got really busy and and I was unable to keep up. But let’s start with some races recap, shall we?!


Flat as a Pancake Triathlon (Sprint)- Staten Island, NY

Best joy ever! My boys.

As I have mention in my preview post, Flat as a pancake is a very fun race, right on my backyard. It is a very popular race within the club so I knew I was not making podium BUT I was 5th on my age group which is great accomplishment. The course is really flat and since it is a spring tri, we were done by 10am.

After every triathlon, I complain about my wetsuit, how much it restrict my shoulders and how tired I get. I feel very heavy, which it is not normal for those that wear a wetsuit. Must  people wear a wetsuit to help them shed some time and float but I feel, that in my case it does not help me. Because It was still early in the year and I do not like the cold so I gave my  a go and swam with it. Same feeling and no really happy. Time 8:21

I have been working on my bike since it is my weakness of all three sports and my time improve considerably. Since I got my bike fit by the awesome people at ACME, I ride more often and do longer rides and I don’t have the hate relationship with my bike anymore. I am more comfortable and confident. Time: 40:46

I believe I have a good run. Running is the sport that I do more often and longer so when the run comes, I am confident that I can pass some of the awesome ladies that pass me on bike. Time: 22:59 a 7:35 m/m.

I don’t get to take my kids to any of the races because I usually go solo, because the husband is most likely working and I can’t watch them while I do all this, but for this race, they were by the finish and at that moment, I could care less about my place. I was so happy that they got to watch their mama in action. Total time 1:16

New York City Triathlon (Olympic)- NY

For this one, the weekend always goes very crazy. There was an advisory because of the heat and since last year was unmanageable, the organizers got pro-active and decided to cut the run from 6.2 miles to 5.1 miles. There was too much going on during this weekend so I slept the volunteer part to guarantee a spot for next year. I almost missed the mandatory bike drop off and by the time I went to be, it was past midnight.

3:00 am wake up call and as I always I was ready to go. Although this is not the race to try to swim without a wetsuit, I went without it. Great swim, felt super comfortable. Swim time 17:53

Crossing the finish line!

The bike: Since I was riding longer and this was my third NYC triathlon, I knew the route and how much incline I have to clime. I was having a great time and legs felt pretty good. time: 1:34
The run: I think because I had my mind set up that the run was shorter, I just ran, comfortable and fast. It was very hot and humid so I stop for water and ice to ensure I was not having trouble later on and getting dehydrate. But I think 2015 was worse. hotter and more humid. 43.17

Total time 1:45.45


Staten Island Triathlon(Spring)- Staten Island, NY

Once again, this one is right on my back yard. I don’t have wake up at 3am and it is cheap enough. I need it something before Timberman and I thought this one was the perfect short race to get me pump for the big day. this course is very similar to the Pancake race, the bike course is actually the same so I knew what I was getting myself into it.

The swim- Short and sweet, getting out the water second overall and first of all the women. time: 8:20

The bike was flat and quick. I just kept hearing people passing me but it really didn’t bother me so I just kept going. Time: 40:58

The run was hot but my legs felt very good and I was determine to pass some of the ladies that pass me on the bike. time: 23:55

My time was better a bit better than the pancake and I definitely felt much better in this one. Total time was 1:15:48

1st place on my age group!!












I have a lot work to do to get ready for Timberman and I know time is not there but I have to make it work some how. Next post will be for Timberman recap. See you then 🙂


Till next one,